My Life SUCKS!

“Hello—I don’t no why I’m on your website, I have been looking for different pages to help me with my decision to end my life. I don’t want to live anymore. Have little to zero desire to play the popularity high school games. Believe whole heartily that my death might be celebrated by more than those in pain from the news. Basically, my LIFE SUCKS and i really want to no longer exist. The fact I feel this way at 14, doesn’t encourage me that there is much hope for me. When I attempt to share about the pain in my life, no one listens. They don’t care. My life sucks, period, end of story. I’m worthless and not worth 2 shits. Attempt to help me. But really, I guess I desire help or I wouldn’t be rambling on and on to you. So please help me.”  – Kris, 14

Messages like Kris’s come multiple times per day to us. 

The bottom line?

I don’t want my life to suck anymore! I want help!

Signs that my Life sucks or I’m depressed:

  • Feelings of overwhelming sadness, hopelessness or anger Low self-esteem or feeling worthless
  • Crying a lot for no specific reason
  • Gaining or losing weight without trying to
  • Unable to concentrate or avoiding enjoyable activities or hobbies
  • Frequent, unexplained headaches or other physical problems
  • Thoughts of death or suicide, thinking thoughts like “More people will love me if I’m dead” or “Everyone is better off with me out of the picture”
  • If you feel like Kris, worthless and alone or unheard….this is very common with what we see.

    Signs of Depression in others?

    If you’ve noticed a friend or loved one acting unusual and suspect they may be depressed, these are common signs to look for:

  • Doesn’t want to do things you both love to do
  • Starts using drugs and/or alcohol
  • Stops going to classes and after school activities Your friend talks about being bad, ugly, stupid or worthless
  • Your friend stays alone a lot of the time
  • Talks about death or suicide
  • Purchases a gun or guns

What are the causes of these feelings? WHY DO I WANT TO DIE?

  • Physical causes of depression include hormonal imbalance, medication/drugs, chronic illness, melancholy temperament, improper food, insufficient rest or exercise and genetic vulnerability.
  • Emotional causes of depression are internalized stress , often related to family issues or other sources of stress such as problems with school, work, relationships or a personal crisis.
  • Suppressed fear , such as the fear of being alone, or repressed anger like the loss of a loved one, are all forms of emotional causes of depression.
  • Genetics can increase a person’s likelihood of depression. People with a family history of depression are often more likely to suffer from depression.

Warning Signs someone you love might attempt to kill themselves?

  • talking about feeling hopeless
  • talking about having no reason to go on living
  • making a will or giving away personal possessions
  • searching for a means of doing personal harm, such as buying a gun
  • sleeping too much or too little
  • eating too little or eating too much, resulting in significant weight gain or weight loss
  • engaging in reckless behaviors, including excessive alcohol or drug consumption
  • avoiding social interactions with others
  • expressing rage or intentions to seek revenge
  • showing signs of anxiousness or agitation

My Life sucks….What’s Next? 

For most people who are struggling with life, overcoming it is a journey. Depression often lifts gradually over time rather than just “snapping out of it” soon. There are many things those who are depressed can do to help themselves get to a better place emotionally.

  1. Use the D2L website as a resource. Watch the videos from our D2L partners – Our partner are here for you. Our videos were done by peeps that can relate to your pain, we have been there. Empathy is key.
  2. Text D2L @ 494949 and chat with us…it’s anonymous and we have no agenda, just want to chat. – Text us anytime, we are here for you 24/7!
  3. Stay Connected –  Stay connected with the D2L or  your emotional support system, especially close friends and family. A common mistake many depressed people make is to isolate themselves from loved ones, making depression difficult to overcome.
  4. Ask for Help – Ask for help if you are struggling or stressed – often sharing a situation or problem with a friend or loved one can help alleviate the burden. Confide in a trusted parent, adult or friend that you are depressed so they can encourage you and keep you accountable.
  5. Be Healthy – Keeping your body healthy has a huge impact on your emotional health. Exercising regularly releases feel good endorphins in your brain and builds your immunity, which can help with depression. Go outside for a walk or exercise a few times a week and stay away from junk food.
  6. Get a Hobby – Find a creative outlet to express yourself, such as writing or drawing, can help you process your thoughts and feelings constructively.
  7. More Help – If you continue to deal with depression, talk with your doctor to see what options are available for help. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273TALK(8255)
  8. Talk about it! Talking to a trusted adult, parent, pastor, or counselor about how you’ve been feeling is one of the most important things you can do most important things you can do if you are depressed.

“For so long my life was dark and depressed, I couldn’t escape my pain and many times didn’t want to escape my depression. I just thought death would be the acceptable path for me. I was wrong. Life is so worth living. Yes, life shits on you, but to know that an organization life Death 2 Life is out there, gives me hope and I can only imagine so many others. Many thanks for your caring for me and the love you have for hurting people like me.” – Chris, 22

“I love you! Finally I’m in a place where joy is real. I no longer hate me, but, I’m learning to love me even with my scars that saved me!” – Thomas, 17

“Thanks for listening to me. I just needed a place to vent and for someone to listen to me vent. You all did a wonderful job allowing me to do that.” – Sam, 15

“Yes, my life was horrible, but didn’t really want to die. Just wanted someone to care that I was hurting so badly. Your website and the people on your site actually care and that makes me incredibly grateful and happy.” – Kenny, 18

Bottom Line?


Utilize the resources that the D2L and others have for you. Lean on people that you know care for you! If you don’t believe anyone cares for you, reach out to us first!

Realize that God created you out of love and purpose!

Depression can seem like an overwhelming, seemingly hopeless experience. You may feel like depression will never end but there is hope and help for you, we are here.

We truly care about you and want to help you through depression and those times that suck. Whether you need encouragement, resources or just someone to talk to, we are here for you.

FYI……We are not fans of religion.

All of this has nothing to do with religion….NOTHING!

The freedom and life we share is totally about one reality the D2L truly believes…..

If you have a pulse, you have Purpose!

“I now have true happiness in my life. Definitely have purpose and joy that lasts. I would go to sleep at night in dark depression, praying to god that i wouldn’t wake up the next morning. The help you all offered allows me to sleep with joy now and excitement that joy is also present in the morning. I would hear many say that jesus christ saved them and often shook my head in disgust, now i too am one of those that believe god saved me using you and this website.” – Pammy, 17

“So thankful and blessed for you all. I was lost and now found. just a week ago my life was over and done with. Since I have found you i have purpose and know a God that loves me.” – Scott, 19

“Hello there! I’m a former atheist that hated even the mention of God or Jesus. I didn’t mind other religious leaders, just those two that drove me crazy just hearing. Now I believe and I’m sold out in love with them! Thank you!!!!!” Jared, 20

“Thanks guys for the help. I wasn’t expecting help at all. The largest reason I feel like I have purpose is that I found you all.” – Sara, 20

“This is so rad. I love this and everything you do and represent. Darkness has always been part of my life and I didn’t believe much light would ever help. Your people speak truth and it helps that they have struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts to. To know this life doesn’t need to be done only on my own gets me stoked. – Drew, 17

“Thank God for all you do. I love this!!!!! Love you guys!!! This community is awesome and needed by all those like I was that struggle in life.” – Samuel, 25