About D2L

Death2life was founded in 2009 by Mario and Kerry D’Ortenzio. Born out of their own painful season of suffering, they envisioned a refuge where people who found themselves in a dark place could find a care, counsel, and hope. 

After their fourth daughter was diagnosed with a life-limiting syndrome and severe disabilities, they both experienced a sadness they had never felt before.  Up until that point in their lives, they had been able to fix whatever was wrong with hard work or some sort of finagling.  But this could not be fixed, and the future looked scary and dark.  God felt very distant.  And people felt distant. 

Out of that pain and loneliness, Death2life was born.  They found hope and healing during that very dark night and wanted to share it with others who found themselves in that place.  They wanted to make sure no one had to suffer alone.  They wanted to connect suicidal people with a Christ-connected person who could relate and who would gently walk them through tough days. 

That initial vision led to partnerships with many faith-based and secular organizations, including Google, which recognized the need to intercept site users looking for ways to die.  We now have hundreds of loving conversations daily to provide a space for honest, caring conversations and an introduction to a God who sees them.

D2L is a Refuge for the Suicidal.
We offer free resources 24/7.
Since 2009, Death2Life has reached over 4 Million Hopeless
and Suicidal in over 100 countries with hope and healing.

A refuge for the hopeless