MS Skate Ministry

MS Skate Ministry is our frontline partner and is ready to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the Skateboarding Community. Even lately with Churches and Christian organizations trying to reach out to the Extreme Sports Groups, most Skateboarders at any given skate park across America are not involved in a Church and have little to no relationship with God at all. That is why MS Skate Ministry has such a strong burden and passion to see skateboarders around the world give their hearts to Jesus. Mike Steinkamp and MS Skate Ministry have been traveling around the Country for the past 5 years speaking and sharing the Love of Christ at all sorts of various events and functions such as…

  • Speaking and Doing Skate Demonstrations at youth groups, youth rallies, and youth camps
  • Skate Demonstrations at Festivals and Concerts (such as Luis Palau festivals, and concerts with artists like P.O.D and Kutless)
  • Preaching at Churches and Conferences
  • Online Skate videos that mix the Gospel and skateboarding for people all over the world to see online, and for Churches and ministries to play and use as a resource
  • Skateboarding Gospel Tracts designed, written, and produced specifically for skateboarders that are distributed worldwide
  • Skate Demonstrations at Christian Music Festivals and Concerts
  • Hosting and setting up skate contests
  • Leading Worship and Songs on Piano and Guitar at events
  • Skating and hanging out with local skateboarders at skateparks and skatespots around the country sharing the Love of Jesus

We would love to come to your area for an event or function, so to find out more info and to book MS Skate Ministry contact Mike Steinkamp at

Mike Steinkamp
Mike Steinkamp