Men of Valor

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Men of Valor is our frontline partner and their mission is to head, train and encourage growth in men through mentoring and fellowship by offering structure and accountability so that they may become mighty “Men of Valor”.

Vision Statement

Men of Valor is a ministry that ultimately desires to help heal a man’s body, soul, and spiritual health. We have the vision and belief that this will happen in many areas, by the stabilization of the men, allowing for the healing to take place within the family, and there for helping to heal certain areas within a church…by establishing “stable pillars” within the body, for a stronger structure, or platform, from which to build on. For over a decade, Men of Valor has established a mentoring program, through which men are mentored by other men that have both experience and success within their own lives…in the areas that most men have trouble and fail in. Through a twelve week class men are taught the life skills of “fathering” and “husbandry”.