Extreme Life Ministries


Extreme Life Ministries is our frontline partner “Changing the way People see and think about Christ and Christianity”.

Our Extreme Truth/Creed:

Mark 12:30 (LDV) “…You shall Love the Lord your God with all of Your heart, with all of your mind, with all of your soul and with all of your strength. Love your Lord to the Extreme!”

Our Extreme Mission:

(John 12:32) “For lives to be changed as they encounter Christ, by seeing and knowing Him through passionate and powerful ministry. Ministry that is truly anointed by God’s Spirit, Biblically precise and pertinent, as well as culturally effective and relevant.”

The Extreme Breakdown:

The lost and found dynamic. Live and minister beyond the norm to reach the lost (those who are yet unsaved and without Christ’s truth and forgiveness) and the found (those who are Christ’s) Building up the saints; God’s people and equipping them to be extreme for God in all they do.