Eternal Riders


Eternal Riders is our frontline partner who’s purpose is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to declare freedom in Christ to all.


Declare freedom in Christ to all riders of the world.

Eternal Riders International is calling YOU to know Jesus Christ and ride for HIM! Join the International team of riders living in the freedom and truth that comes from a personal relationship with the only living God.  Aspiring to reach a generation who dares to surrender themselves and their sport to Him, being unashamed to worship and serve God through their lifestyle, and challenging young men and women to live 100% for Jesus- shattering the mistaken belief of a boring God.


Evangelize, challenge, and equip.

E.R’s plan is to see souls saved, healed and demons cast out; to challenge believers to be unashamed in all that God wants them to be, reaching into the marketplace, churches and events, and equipping them to witness with printed material, extreme sports movies, clothing, rider’s testimonies and through powerful evangelists.


Committed to speak the Word of the Lord and ride for HIM!

E.R.’s passion is to RIDE for God. The whole focus of our lives is to speak God’s word with boldness – declaring God’s Word over a lost generation, identifying with a God that is radical, fearlessly testifying: “I ride for Christ and give Him all the Glory.”  We are passionate to see our lives touched by Jesus, the Savior of the world.

“Join us for the ride has just begun.”
Pascal Hardy
International Director