Action Sports Outreach


Action Sports Outreach is our frontline partner. They use extreme sports demonstrations and different tools to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.

What is action sports outreach?

Action Sports Outreach is a faith-based non-profit committed to sharing the message of Jesus Christ by utilizing exciting extreme sports demonstrations and dynamic media interaction as tools to connect with the world.

Why we do this

Jesus commanded believers to GO proclaim the gospel to a lost world! Our world is full of hurting and hopeless people who have never heard the message of Jesus and His great love for them. Action Sports Outreach exists to reach and encourage this world with the good news through the specialized abilities that God has given us to glorify Him.

What we do

  • Entertain – We use professional skateboarding and extreme BMX bicycle demonstrations to attract an audience and lock in their attention.
  • Share the message – We boldly share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.
  • Challenge the listener – We provide an opportunity to respond to the message.
  • Encourage – We continue active personal contact through the ASO website, email, social networking websites, local ministries, and churches.

Where we do this

  • Nascar races – Action Sports Outreach performs at the largest and most popular spectator sport in the USA.
  • Church events – We encourage and energize church communities with exciting live-action events.
  • School assemblies – Positive choice, mid-week school assemblies are a great way to invite students to events that will take place off-campus on the following weekend.
  • Festivals – We provide interactive extreme sports demonstrations and biblical gospel presentations at festivals around the world.
  • Speaking events – By using action sports as a platform, we are able to share biblical truth, encourage the listener to examine their own hearts in the light of the gospel, and call them to decisions of eternal significance.
  • Media – Utilizing the internet, DVD s, TV, and cell phones is a very effective way to connect and stay connected with the current generation’s youth.
  • International missions –We are passionate about continuing the mission of proclaiming the gospel to groups of people who have never heard the message around the world.

What has aso accomplished

  • Events – Action Sports Outreach has performed at hundreds of events throughout the USA including bicycle stunt shows at NASCAR races, speaking engagements, camps, school assemblies, and festivals.
  • Missions – We have been able to travel into over 25 different countries to share the gospel with many local communities, schools, and at various large scale outreach events by partnering with international mission organizations.
  • Changed lives – We have seen thousands of individuals make decisions to follow Jesus Christ through the use of action sports demonstrations. This method of reaching people with the gospel is one of the most effective tools for evangelism within our culture today.

How you can get involved

  • Prayer – More than anything, we need passionate individuals, families, and churches that will commit to praying for the salvation of the lost we encounter and for the spiritual and physical needs of our team.
  • Help us connect – Invite Action Sports Outreach to share our exciting mission at your next small group meeting, church or civic organization.
  • Give – Partner with us in this mission by making a one-time financial contribution or become a monthly supporter and team member by visiting today!