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Our Mission

The Death2Life Revolution is called to proclaim the truth of Jesus Christ to a hurting generation, and to train, disciple, counsel and empower them to die to self and live a radical life that will create a worldwide revolution for Jesus Christ.

“my wife and i have tried everything to get our son some help with his dark thoughts of death and darkness. our youngest, —–, loves skateboarding and music, especially the band korn. the people in your organization and website spoke to him more than any doctor or counselors. smiles have returned and often talks about what he’s learning from your videos and phone chats. we check his phone and find your website on it and we are incredibly thankful for what you do.”

How We Help

We are a web-based ministry, providing a real person to help those considering ending their life.
We daily counsel hundreds of suicidal and hurting kids and adults. We provide 24-hour counseling.
The top Google searches that bring people to our website:

I Want to Die

Easy Ways to Kill Myself

Painless ways to die

“Hi, my name is ——, I’m 17. I live in Texas. You helped me accept Jesus Christ close to 2 years ago. I was into drugs and alcohol. Feeling depressed and suicidal. Feel unwanted, rejected, long periods of sadness, withdrawal. i need help and support pls. I’m reaching out because I don’t know where to go and you have helped my in my life more than anyone has. Thanks for being there for me.”

Ways to Partner

We need you to help us be a life-line of love and hope for kids around the world who are hurting. They need to know they are loved and valuable and created for a purpose! Help us tell them by joining this Save A Life Project today.

Your support covers the cost of:

24-hour online counselors

Support groups and ongoing connection for one person

Save A Life!

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I’m a suicide attempt survivor last year so I know what it’s like to be at rock bottom. That’s actually how I found the D2L and I came to Christ. I love what you guys are doing. You saved my life! Thank you!

Checks can be sent to:

D2L Revolution Inc
21001 N TATUM BLVD STE 1630-162

501(c)(3) non-profit ministry.
All monthly and annual support are tax deductible.
Est. 2009


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