Death2Life Revolution - Reaching Youth & Adults Living in Darkness

Frontline Partners

Our frontline partners come from a variety of extreme sports, careers, businesses and ministries.  We partner with churches and other organizations on a local, national and world-wide level.  We do this for one reason – to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible. Check out our frontline partners for yourself.

Alice Cooper's Solid Rock Extreme Snowboarder - Andy Finch ASO - Action Sports Outreach BFC - Boarders for Christ Pro Skateboarder - Brian Sumner Calling All Skaters CS - Christian Skaters - Blog Dustin Orem Eternal Riders Skateboarder - Evan Kuzava Extreme Life Ministries Heart Support Brian Head Welch I Free Ride Justified Racing Kingdom Stunters Livin It Love Loud The World of LZ7 Meek Army Skateboarder - Mike Steinkamp MOV - Men of Valor Nations Foundation No One Underground Ride Nature TV Host - Roxanne Grace Runaway Phoenix Skateboarder - Simon Woodstock Smiley Bones Sword of Truth Team Faith No Suicide - The Hope Line The Refuge The Rep Music Tim Byrne Unashamed Athletes Unchained Untitled 1 Walking on Water White as Wool Pro Skateboarder - Zac Archuleta U Talk Radio
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