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Mark Mohr of the Reggae band Christafari

Mark Mohr founder of Christafari

Can you relate to trying to fill that emptiness in your heart with stuff from this world? 

You must watch and listen to Christafari’s Founder Mark Mohr’s story! 

Mark lived a life that everyone wanted to live. But Mark was lost and hurting and couldn’t fill that endless hole in his heart. He tried everything–drugs, ladies, etc. Mark tried to fill that void with the love of music. He always wondered why he started using drugs and was a mess up. He started searching for truth, for real life. After finding truth, described in the video, Mohr started his own Reggae band. They now travel the World sharing truth and life. Christafari’s lyrics are characterized by a heart for Rastafarians, a passion for reaching the drug-afflicted counter-culture and a distinctly evangelical Christian message. Two examples are the songs “Why You A-go Look?” (WordSound&Power) and “Teachings of His Majesty” (Reggae Redemption Songs II), which use the words of Haile Selassie I (former Emperor of Ethiopia) to challenge the veneration of this Christian king as Almighty God incarnate. The essential goal of Christafari is to promote Christianity to all people; including Rastafarians. Mark and his band, Christafari, are a hugely successful band, and they have a mighty, powerful message. Especially their lead singer, Mark Mohr.

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